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Iscar Parting Grooving Insert

Model:LNKX1106PN-N MM IC908


Brief: Iscar grooving insert 1.100% original 2.High removal rate 3.Wear resistance 4.Long tool life 5.Short delivery

ISCAR brand introduction:

ISCAR is the largest of the 15 companies comprising the IMC (International Metalworking Companies). Together, they supply a dynamic comprehensive line of precision carbide metalworking tools. These companies produce a wide range of carbide inserts, carbide endmills and cutting tools, covering most metal cutting applications. IMC also provides engineering and manufacturing solutions to major industries throughout the world. Many innovative products, designed specially for customer requirements, have made the IMC a world leader in the major manufacturing industries such as automotive, aerospace and die & mold production. 

ISCAR product lines:

Parting & Grooving

Turning & Threading

Hole Making



Iscar grade applications:

Grade : IC9150 Recommended for high speed machining of steel at stable conditions. 

Grade : IC807  A tough sub-micron substrate, "SUMO TEC" TiAlN PVD coated. Suitable for low-to-medium cutting speeds. Developed for machining of heat resistant alloys, austenitic stainless steel and hard steel. 

Grade : IC907   A tough sub-micron substrate, TiAlN PVD coated. Suitable for low-to-medium cutting speeds. Developed for machining of heat resistant alloys, austenitic stainless steel and hard steel. 

Grade : IC20 Used for semifinishing, finishing and semiroughing of aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel. An uncoated carbide grade. 

Grade : IC9250/IC8250  A tough substrate with a cobalt enriched layer combined with MTCVD TiCN and a thick alpha Al2O3 CVD coating. Recommended for general use machining of steel in a wide range of conditions, featuring high toughness and wear resistance. 

Grade : IC635  For low speed, high feed and unfavorable conditions. 

Grade : IC520M A CVD TiCN coated grade. Used for milling steel, malleable cast iron and stainless steel at medium to high cutting speed and medium feed.

Grade : IC50M  Recommended for milling of steel, for semifinishing, semiroughing and roughing with medium or large chip sections and machining in unfavorable conditions. 

Grade : IC3028 ISCAR's toughest coated grade for machining stainless steel, high temperature alloys, at low to medium cutting speed, used for interrupted cuts and very heavy machining. 

Grade : IC6015  A very hard substrate with a cobalt enriched outer layer and alpha Al2O3 coating. Used for finishing and medium turning of stainless steel at high cutting speed. Features long tool life and excellent repeatability. 

Grade : IC520N A cermet grade, TiCN & TiN PVD coated. Used for high speed semi-finishing and finishing applications with excellent surface finish. Wear resistant, prevents built-up edge. 

Grade : IC428 For wide range of applications, maching conditions and materials. For turning cast iron. 

Grade : IC10  Recommended for aluminum alloys and nonferrous materials.  

Some Iscar Tungsten Carbide CNC Cutting Insert Models for Reference:

SCMT120408-SM IC807

SCMT120408-SM IC9250




SDMT1205PDR-HQ-M IC950/IC910/IC328

SNMG120404-TF IC9250

SNMG120408-TF IC3028 20

SNMG120408-TF IC9250

SNMG150612-NR IC8250

SNMX 150708R-35 IC8150

SNMX 150708R-45 IC8150

SNMX 150708R-60 IC8150

SOMT09T306-DT IC908

SOMT100408-DT IC908

SOMT120408-DT IC908

SOMT160512-DT IC908

SOMT160512-DT IC908

SOMX060304-DT IC908

SOMX060304-DT IC908

SPMT100408R-HQ-M IC928

SPMT100408TR-HQ-M IC950/IC328/IC910




T490 LNHT130616PNTR IC830

T490 LNHT1306PNTL IC830

T490 LNMT0804PNR IC808

T490 LNMT0804PNR IC810

T490 LNMT0804PNR IC830 20P

T490 LNMT1306PNTR IC928

T490 LNMX0804PN-K IC928

TCMT110204-SM IC907

TCMT16T304-SM IC9250

TCMT16T308-19 IC3028

TCMT16T308-SM IC907

TCMT16T308-SM IC9150

TCMT16T308-SM IC9250

TCMT22T308-SM IC9150 10P

TGMF420 IC908

TNMG 160404-DF IC907

TNMG 160404-TF IC907

TNMG 160404-TF(331)IC9250

TNMG 160408(332-TF)IC9250

TNMG 160408-DF IC9250

TNMG 160408-DF* IC907

TNMG 160408-TF IC907

TNMG160404-DF IC907

TNMG160404-TF IC907

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