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TurnLine: Expansion of “DoMiniTurn / Bore Line”

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Iwaki / Japan, 25. July 2014, Tungaloy is pleased to announce the expansion of DoMiniTurn / Bore Line. The DoMiniTurn is such an innovative series that some have called the “world’s only double-sided positive insert.” Through a unique toolholder and insert design, the DoMiniTurn offers many of the benefits of a positive insert with at least double the number of edges per insert, offering great economy to its users.

The toolholder is designed with a “dovetail” pocket. A conventional positive insert sits in a pocket, and the screw head is the only factor holding the insert in place. On the other hand, the DoMiniTurn insert slides into a dovetail pocket and is screwed down, making the contact in the pocket much more rigid and reducing any possibility of insert movement.

The insert itself has an obtuse relief angle on the non-cutting edge that slides into the dovetail pocket. However, when the insert is flipped over, the obtuse angle becomes a positive relief angle while in cut.

To the end user, these features translate to:

  • Lower cutting forces equal to that of a positive insert.

  • Reduced vibration for less chatter and cutting forces.

  • Economical solution due to multi-cornered insert design.

  • Large chip gullet to produce stable chip control and smooth chip evacuation.

Responding to the market demand, Tungaloy is pleased to announce the addition of:

  • The versatile AH725 grade used for general purpose machining applications.

  • KS05F grade for non-ferrous machining applications, such as aluminium.

  • NS9530 and GT9530 cermet grades used for semi-finishing and finishing applications.

  • TSW wiper geometry that produces superior surface finishes at elevated feed rates, offering both reduced cycle time and improved surface finishes.

Boring bars are available in both steel and carbide shanks in diameters from 10 mm through 20 mm. All boring bars take the same insert size, thereby reducing inventory requirements. The same inserts also apply to DoMiniTurn / External Line toolholders with the same advantages. The DoMiniTurn series can now address almost any turning and boring application needs, where a positive screw down insert is currently used.

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