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SpadeRush Cuts Stress of Large-diameter Hole Making

Clicks:12432014-12-23 11:38:04 Source:TaeguTec

Producing large-diameter holes can be a big headache for many shops that are aiming to be cost effective and competitive in today’s global market.

TaeguTec has introduced the SpadeRush, a new line of high productivity head changeable drills for large diameter hole making that removes the challenges imposed on machine and cutting tools performing such operations.

The SpadeRush’s smoother method of making large-diameter holes that stays within the cycle times necessary to be competitive has been accentuated with an optimized cutting edge and unique rigid clamping system that generates higher productivity and outstanding performance.

Available as a standard drill in 3xD and 5xD for a diameter range of 26 millimeter to 41 mm, the SpadeRush’s unique clamping technology enables customers to quickly change drill heads without removing the clamping screw from the holder - an important feature that greatly reduces tool setting times and also machining downtime.

Furthermore, the asymmetrical bottom design of TaeguTec’s SpadeRush means error proof insert mounting, high tolerance, improved tool accuracy as well as repeatability and an excellent surface finish.

Its self-centered design eliminates the pre-centering function that many shops have to contend with when performing large diameter hole making applications.

Moreover, the SpadeRush’s stronger rigid screw clamp not only improves productivity but also cuts on machining cost.

To keep the material cool during high-speed applications, SpadeRush’s through coolant hole feature permits coolant to be applied directly to and in the hole-making area which also prevents the tool and holder from premature wear and damage.

The post-treatment of the SpadeRush’s flute design improves chip evacuation, reduces power consumption and strengthens vibration dampening, which strengthens the tools durability.

Several tests were performed while creating TaeguTec’s new line, in all cases, SpadeRush outperformed the competition.

Just to give one example, SpadeRush outperformed a popular competitor’s similar tool by increasing tool life by 30 percent while drilling into alloy steel at exactly the same cutting conditions.