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TaeguTec Joins Formaplex Electric Car World Record Bid

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The TaeguTec, a leading worldwide supplier of cutting-edge and technologically advanced tool solutions, has joined the Formaplex electric car world record team.

“We are very happy to have TaeguTec on board. Having worked closely with the company for over 10 years, we know that it will make a real difference to the project and will be a great asset to the project team,” said Formaplex spokesperson.

TaeguTec joins Dunlop and Quantum Racing Suspension as partners in Formaplex’s attempt at the 24-hour endurance sub-500kg electric car world record, which is planned for 2015.

TaeguTec has been providing specialist assistance on projects involving the development of special tooling and the reduction of production time and costs.

In order to achieve Formaplex’s goal of breaking the electric car record, TaeguTec will contribute state-of-the-art tooling and manufacturing processes to the design and build of the British company’s electric car named Endurance.

TaeguTec is headquartered in South Korea and has been supplying cutting-edge tool solutions to the global engineering market since 1999. It has over 40 subsidiaries and distributors across the world, including in the United Kingdom. In recent years, the UK office has expanded its operations to include composite materials cutting technology and solutions.

The UK subsidiary opened in 2000, its General Manager John Conlon said “We are delighted to have been asked by Formaplex to help with their attempt at the electric land speed record. We look forward to working closely with them and developing new ideas and concepts as Endurance is built.”

Formaplex, which has been working with the F1, motorsport, aerospace industries and is currently contributing to the building of a fleet of armored vehicles for the British military in its operations in Afghanistan, unveiled a scale model of the car that will be used in their attempt to break the 24-hour endurance sub-500kg electric car world record.

Interest is growing fast and there is a real buzz around the project. Celebrity electric vehicle fan Robert Llewellyn has been in touch on Twitter about the project.

The electric car will be designed and built entirely by Formaplex, which will be making use of the advanced manufacturing services they provide for industry leaders in, among others, the automotive and motorsport sectors. Spearheading the project and steering the car will be Formaplex graduate design engineer Luke Horsfall, who won the 2012 Greenpower Formula 24+ electric car championship.

“The world record attempt is a fantastic chance for us to showcase our state-of-the-art CAD and structural design tools and our cutting-edge out-of-autoclave composite production technology capabilities, including HP-RTM, injection molding of thermoplastic composites, compression molding, CFRP, GRP and bio composites. These technologies will help us meet the strict weight criteria and performance objectives,” said Formaplex.

Established in 2001, Formaplex is a trusted product development partner that delivers exceptional results to world-class clients from a wide range of market sectors. Based in Hampshire, it combines a highly skilled workforce, advanced materials expertise and cutting-edge technology, provides dynamic design, tooling and manufacturing services.