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Seminar Demonstrates Advancement in Metalworking for Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania

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The conflict in Russia and Ukraine has been in the news lately but that did not affect industrial leaders from both countries and Lithuania to attend TaeguTec’s new products seminar. Over 40 Russian, 30 Ukrainian and 10Lithuanian industrial leaders mixed and mingled in order to find the best solution for their companies to cut machining cost and increase productivity. Despite Russia's recent economic success over the last decade, modernization is high on the agenda for those who attended the seminar. “For us to achieve broad-based economic growth both for our company and country, we need seminars like this, they really help us find the proper tools for our industry,” said a manager of a giant general machining company in western Russia. Ukraine is also feeling the effects of modernization and a new world order that demands better products at competitive rates.

Typhoon Upgrades Old
“We have many old machines so replacing them is not on our forecast for this year or the next, that is why we were very interested to see how TaeguTec’s new Typhoon jet spindlecan increase the productivity of our lower speed machines,” said a Ukrainian plant manager. During product demonstrations, leaders from all three countries were highly attentive, asking to see the new Typhoon work its magic on different materials. The revolutionary high-speed jet spindle was developed for applications that need high RPMs for small diameter tools on slow RPM machines. The new tool is designed to be used for high-speed machining in milling, holemaking and grinding applications. The system works by utilizing the machine tool’s existing coolant supply, driven by a high-pressure pump as an energy source, to rotate a built-in turbine at speeds of up to 40,000 RPMs. The Typhoon does not replace the existing machine’s spindle, hence saving the manufacturer thousands of dollars in upgrades or replacement. Instead, it improves the existing low RPM spindle machine’s performance, surface finish and tool life capabilities and increases productivity.

Apex Mills Solutions
“ApexMill is something that we are interested in testing at our factories in Russia,” said one auto parts production manager; a sentiment echoed by an aerospace parts manufacture in neighboring Ukraine. The ApexMill is TaeguTec’s newest solid carbide end mill for general purpose machining on small depths-of-cut applications offered in two and four flute flat end mill types. To make it more attractive, the ApexMill comes in various lengths in order to cover a wide range of roughing and finishing application on various materials such as alloy, carbon, cast iron, tool, stainless, hardened and pre-hardened steels. A Lithuanian company was also interested in the ApexMill but as a three flute flat end mill for its slotting applications on pre-hardened steels. While Ukraine and Russia are experiencing growing pains in their manufacturing sectors, Lithuanian companies that attended the week-long seminar came with the same aim for a country that is experiencing rapid growth. “The economy is good in Lithuania, we recently ordered many new machines in order to produce products faster but we are not happy with the cutting tools offered to us so that is why we came here looking for tools that can handle the speeds that we must achieve in order to keep up with our orders.” said a Lithuanian manager.

New Coating, New Concept
The Asian metalworking giant also displayed its newest coating that has excellent wear resistance and is stable in high-feed and speed machining conditions. The Life+’s excellent surface roughness also minimizes build-up-edges, all aspects that were demonstrated to TaeguTec’s guests during the seminar. The line has received such rave reviews that the special coating was expanded with the introduction of the TT8105 in order to offer customers a wider range of application solutions and selection. The TT8105 accompanies other popular Life+ products such as the TT8115, TT8125 and the TT8135.

To assist with lower cutting loads during milling operations, TaeguTec showed off the newest concept to the highly popular Mill2Rush line, the TNMX 18. From top to bottom, the 18 millimeter long insert and its accompanying cutters offers 90 degrees machining solutions for facing, shouldering and slotting applications on a wide range of materials such as aluminum, low and high carbon steel, alloy, tool, stainless and gray cast iron steels. “I found that the inserts triangular shape and double-sided, six cutting edges works perfectly for our needs because we are looking for a tool that is economical but also one that can perform various operations,” said a Russian machinist.

Bursting Through
One factory owner that operates shops in Lithuania and Ukraine explained that his operations are looking for a tool that delivers high-pressure coolant where it is needed the most. For this, he was looking forward for demonstrations of the T-Burst line. The tool’s dual coolant holes and adjustable nozzle makes it possible for high-pressure coolant to be streamed exactly in the required cutting zone between metal chip and the insert’s rake face. By employing the adjustable nozzle, metalworking professionals at the seminar saw that they were able to accurately and effectively apply the coolant jets in order to facilitate optimum chip control and short chip formation; all factors that extend the tool’s life as well as increase productivity through higher cutting speeds and feed rates.