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TaeguTec PCD Tools Save on Cost, Time, Increase Productivity

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TaeguTec PCD Tools Save on Cost, Time, Increase Productivity

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend then PCD tools are an engineer’s answer to machining difficult-to-cut, highly abrasive materials.

Polycrystalline diamonds tools achieve the highest quality with economic efficiency. The results are astounding; TaeguTec PCD tools offer long tool life, better surface finish, are perfect for interrupted-cutting, better ratio of surface finish to cutting forces with excellent metal removal rates, and is perfect for closer dimensional tolerances.

Furthermore, PCD tools are used extensively in the highly competitive automotive and aerospace industries where it easily handles lower cutting forces while also taking care of higher cutting speeds, feed rates and cutting depths for very tough abrasive aluminum alloys, non-ferrous materials and high-abrasion processes.

The diamond cutting edges make them last generally almost 50 times longer than regular tungsten carbide tools before replacement is needed.
Hybrid Mix

There are several primary tooling concerns when machining aluminum, all of which have been answered with the TaeguTec’s high productivity PCD grade, the TD810 which provides optimal machining performance on aluminum and non-ferrous materials due to its hybrid mixture of fine and coarse diamonds.

Concerns that have been addressed by the TD810 are common in the industry such as minimizing the tendency of aluminum to stick to the tool's cutting edges, ensuring there is good chip evacuation from the cutting edge and making sure the core strength of the tool is sufficient to withstand the power of cutting forces without breaking.

The TD810 grade's combination of excellent wear resistance and toughness means a quality surface finish during high-speed machining applications and is stable during continuous and interrupted cutting applications on aluminum, brass, plastic and wood as well as other non-ferrous materials.

Moreover, TaeguTec’s PCD grade combines the power of higher productivity and economical solutions while eliminating the build-up of edges brought on during rough as well as finishing jobs.

During a cutting test on an AC9B-aluminum (HB 140-160) work piece, TaeguTec found that tool life was increased by 32 percent when using the TD810 PCD grade.


Turning Power

One of the more popular offerings from TaeguTec’s PCD tools is the KP300 grade for aluminum and
non-ferrous materials which is offered as both an ISO insert and with the T-Clamp line and comes as either a flat insert or with the unique cutting edge geometry of the CB chip breaker.

The defining quality of the CB chip breaker that makes it stand out from the crowd is its serrated cutting edge, a feature that ensures for maximum chip control and low cutting resistance; performs remarkably well even in low depth of cut and low feed, and guarantees excellent chipping resistance.

For turning, TaeguTec’s high-performance T-Clamp line offers incredible accuracy with good repeatability, comes with a strong clamping mechanism plus a fully supported seat, and to make sure the material and tool keep cool during the highest of rotations, the T-Clamp line has an internal coolant system that is delivered through the shank.

High-speed reaming has brought on many headaches for machine shops. TaeguTec’s TM-Ream takes the worry away by designing this remarkable tool with a quick change system that removes the stress out of set-up times hence minimizing down time, and comes with an internal coolant supply to each cutting edge which in turn increases productivity.

Special in Special

TaeguTec also offers special tools that are made for a company’s specific requirements. One of these tools that first started as a product for one company has since grown to become a specialty tool that is now supplied to many automotive parts producers.

What makes the OttoMill with PCD different from the others is its incredible fast cutting speed of 2,000 meters per minute. Achieving this incredible speed was done by completely redesigning and rethinking the composition of cutting tools. Instead of using steel as the main component behind the body of the cutter, TaeguTec looked to the skies for inspiration and employed the strength of the same aluminum used to manufacture important parts used in the aerospace industry.

The OttoMill with PCD offers a maximum depth of cut of 6 millimeters and is available not only as a PCD insert but also as a carbide insert and PCD brazed cartridge.

Its dovetail insert clamping mechanism was designed for high-speed machining, comes with a wiper insert and its micro adjustment device protects the body.

Choosing the right tool is important and PCD tools tend to be the right answer for the correct cutting parameters. They offer the highest thermal conductivity of all cutting materials while minimizing built-up edges.

Metalworking professionals seeking tight tolerances, high volume and work with highly abrasive processes are constantly looking for the next big thing and TaeguTec’s catalogue of PCD tools have won the respect of world machining professionals.