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DrillLine: New Additions to “TungSix-Drill” Line for Smaller Diameter Size

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Iwaki / Japan, 14. April 2014 - Tungaloy is pleased to announce the expansion of its exceptional TungSix line of indexable drills. The TungSix-Drill is the world’s only indexable drill that offers six cutting edges. The TungSix-Drill delivers not only the highest performance indexable drill on the market but it also offers it with great economy. This expansion includes the diameters from 20 mm to 27 mm, thus covering a wide range for drilling from 20 mm till 54 mm diameters as standard stock.

The new expansion carries with it 2 new sizes of the insert, the WWMU05 and the 06 size, and it currently offers the most popular “DJ” chipbreaker, which covers most of the applications in the market.

Even in these smaller size offerings the TungSix-Drill inserts reduce cutting forces drastically, and its unique geometry design reduces the cutting forces to levels comparable with the competitor’s positive insert indexable drills. By adapting an obtuse angle relief on the corner part of central-edge side, the insert strength improves against impact loads, resisting fracture of the corner.

To deliver outstanding tool life, the TungSix-Drill adopts the revolutionary AH9030 grade with PVD coating that guarantees excellent wear and oxidation resistance. With Tungaloy's exclusive special surface technology “PremiumTec,” chip adhesion is drastically reduced to promote smooth chip flow.

The TungSix-Drill is the ideal tool for drilling a wide variety of materials with a diverse selection of applications for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and even superalloys.

For further details, please contact your local Tungaloy representative.

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