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DrillLine: Tungaloy Develops New Cartridge Series for “TungDrillBig” , Large Diameter Drills

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Iwaki / Japan, 10. March 2014 – Tungaloy, the leading manufacturer in the cutting tools industry, has developed new cartridges for its TungDrillBig series to meet the high demand of the market in machining large diameter holes. The new cartridges allow the customers to use TungSix-Drill (TDS) inserts with TungDrillBig drill bodies, whose diameter ranges from ø55 to ø80 mm. This combination expands the insert selection for TungDrillBig and provides economical machining solutions to the end users.

Each drill body has a set of inner and outer cartridges. In addition to the previously-available cartridges that use TungdrillTwisted (TDX) inserts, customers can now attach TungSix-Drill (TDS) inserts on TungDrillBig. The TDS cartridge uses economical and rigid 6-cornered WWMU type insert for TungSix-Drill; the TDX cartridge uses 4-cornered XPMT type inserts for TungdrillTwisted. The increase in the number of applicable inserts allows the customers to select between the two cartridges, depending on the application, machine rigidity, and material to be cut.

This product expansion strengthens the company's position as the leading manufacturer of drilling products for the heavy industry, oil & gas, and general machining sectors. TungDrillBig series offer productivity benefits and economic advantages for the end users, who drill large diameters in steel, cast iron and a wide variety of materials. TungSix-Drill inserts can even machine superalloys because of their strong cutting edges.

To minimize tool inventory and associated costs for the customer, TungDrillBig bodies are available in only five variations. With the use of setting plates, the customer can adjust the diameter from ø55 to ø80 mm. Moreover, TungDrillBig has a long tool life because of its replaceable cartridges.

Furthermore, the drill bodies have internal coolant system that applies coolant directly to the cutting edge. This system improves chip evacuation, tool life, and surface finish, thereby supporting the customers’ need for precise holemaking.

The new cartridges for the TungDrillBig series satisfy the market demand for economic and productive drills that can machine large diameters. Tungaloy’s new development gives end users a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing industries.

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